When I was in high school, our computer club partnered with another school to do some community service (long story). There was this gorgeous girl participating, whom I was smitten with. At one point we needed someone to run to the local computer parts store (about 5 miles down the freeway), and, by the Grace of God, I was picked to go with her and her friend.

This was around fifteen years ago. To this day, I have not forgotten her driving, and have not crossed paths with a scarier driver. This was before texting was much of a phenomenon, and yet people who text while driving scare me less. The entire drive down the freeway, she did 70-90 through heavy traffic. Her driving style would most aptly be described as somewhere between “Fast and the Furious” and “Coked-out stunt driver.” To ice the cake? She talked. Constantly. She and her friend talked the entire way, a sizable portion of the drive she was looking at her friend, and not the road.

Needless to say, when we got out of the car, back safely at the place we started from? All interest in her was gone, as I was too busy praising God for having survived.