Gus from high school in 1990. Drove a Honda CRX which had been worked over a little. There was one particularly painful intersection near the high school that had interminable wait times as it was a collection of about 8 roads crossing one another. He used to just haul ass up the wrong side of the medium with cars headed towards us. He’d look over at you calmly and say “Don’t worry, they don’t want to hit us either.”

He once “borrowed”another classmates brand new Eagle Talon and we headed down to the GW Parkway to see what it would do. It would do 125mph, thanks very much, and it would do that right up until you got cut off by a delivery van at which time Gus tested the brakes. They worked really well too. Lots of noise and smoke, but no crashing and dying, thankfully.

He used to steal his stepmother’s Saab 900 Turbo and I would sneak out and we would head across the river into DC to check out the hookers get stoned. There used to be a bunch of “NO LEFT TURN 10pm to 6am” signs on 14th Street to discourage people from picking up the ladies of the evening. Gus didn’t care though because his stepmom was a Diplomat and the car had Diplomat plates. The cops would pull us over, Gus would crack the window about a half inch, weed smoke wafting out, and slide the registration through, never making eye contact and never speaking. The cops would shake their heads, slide it back and trundle off. We’d giggle like school girls and head back to our suburban bliss, high on cheap weed and expensive invulnerability.

I lost touch with him after he graduated. I can only assume he is now a US Congressman.