1999, senior year of high school. Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady LP’ and Xzibit’s ‘40 dayz & 40 nightz’ were released around that time. As a senior we were given a lot more freedom and so our field trips consisted of students driving to location instead of riding together on the bus.

My classmate Jay was a huge Eminem and Xzibit fan. Jay bleached his hair blonde years before it was a thing to want to look like Eminem. I will never forget the way Jay drove. He would hotbox the car, blast Eminem and Xzibit while driving on the freeway as if he were in a NASCAR pack.

This was southern California where the freeways often have 6 lanes in either direction. If the flow of traffic was going 65, he would go 90 and cut across all 6 lanes at a time pinballing his way through traffic. It was nose to ass all the time with last minute lane changes all with blaring hip hop and never ending weed.

The funny thing is that I would have to use every ounce of my own inner strength to play it cool because every moment in the car was a panic attack - at the same time, Jay would just speed and drive like a maniac in a total zen state.