I’m assuming we all have that friend. My group of friends has the one friend who we hate or just flat-out refuse to drive with because he:

  • Seemingly accelerates or jabs the brake for no reason
  • Thinks it’s “cool” to drive like an asshole because it’s somehow a display of machismo
  • Accelerates hard towards red lights
  • Texts while steering with his knees
  • Tailgates even though there’s tons of room to get in the passing lane and pass the car
  • Cuts off drivers who he feels slighted him because he thinks it “teaches them a lesson”
  • He drives a mid-90s Honda Accord that he takes to the dealership for every little service, despite treating the car like he wants to wreck it

As a driver, but particularly as a cyclist and motorcyclist - I unabashedly call him out to his face for his shitty driving.