I was 16 and managed to get a BMW for my first car. Full disclosure: it was an automatic 528e with rust through the floors and I paid $200, but from a distance it actually looked pretty good.

At least it did when I first got it. For reasons that partially escape me now as an adult my neighbor and I decided that a combination of a US Navy surplus parachute we found, an all terrain mountain skateboard, and my car could equal a way to parasail over land.

Mind you this was not a lifting parafoil type parachute, but the big dumb umbrella type. With my 15 year old neighbor driving down the hill shown in the photo above, I stood on the skateboard and tried to get the ‘chute to inflate. Which it did with a gust of wind before picking the back half of the car 2' off the ground and then ripping the bumper off.

Thankfully that and my pride were the only things damaged that day. I put the bumper back on the best I could but it was never quite the same. I ended up selling the car a year later for the same $200