The stupidest thing I ever did to a car?. Whoa boy....

I lived in a rriplex with parking that was up a modertely steep driveway. No issue, unless things got slippery.

One winter’s night I tried to get my 87 Integra into the drivewaydriveway and failed miserably. Those Michelin all seasons wete NOT made for Ottawa winters. So I tried again. And again, and again. And again. Once more with feeling. And again.

By then, the red mist hit. It was personal between me and that slope. I started taking longer and longer run ups to the driveway, hoping momentum wouldwould carry me over its crest. I kept trying, and trying, finally resorting to that old standby of winter fury: stand on the gas with no traction.

I finally got into the spot and got out of the car to the scent of burning...something. It was the transmission fluid, which I never changed thanks to my dad’s advice that you didn’t need to do that on an automatic. Maybe not on a 72 Ranch Wagon police pack, but yes on the Integra.

We had the transmission replaced rhat summer.