Here’s my very own scary story. It happened to me 18 years ago in Montréal. Please take into consideration that the original version is in French and that it has been translated with Google translate :)

Over the last ten years or so, I have experienced multiple sightings and paranormal stuff in the apartment where I am currently. If I find the time, maybe I will write them down for Jezebel this year as well.

In the meantime, here is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I call this one the evil vacant appartement.

Twenty years ago, I started having on a regular basis an awful recurring nightmare. In this one, I would be living in a perfect house or apartment in every way, with one exception: there was a section, like another identical vacant apartment, that connected with this place and was locked up by several locks and padlocks.

In those dreams, I could feel an evil vibe radiating through the door, like a wave. And sometimes I would see the door move and wave by itself. These nightmares worried me deeply. I blamed it on the stress I was under at that time since I was finishing a university program that required me to move every four months between Sherbrooke and Montréal for two and a half years. I was looking forward to having a stable home again where I could definitely settle down.

As I am fond of psychology, I tried to play shrink on myself with the hope to understand the meaning of this nightmare that came back more and more often to disturb my sleep. Having seen somewhere that a house in a dream is the metaphor of our unconscious, I thought that this dream meant that I repressed a part of myself or refused to face it. You get the picture, I guess.

A few days before the incident I’m about to describe, I had a slightly different version of the nightmare. In it, the two twin parts, the good and the evil, were located one above the other and I had to use an indoor staircase to go from one to the other. At one point, as I walked down the stairs, I saw a door and through a window there was a man who was chopping vegetables on the counter of his kitchen. I told this new version to my friends while making fun about the silly stuff my imagination could produce.

With two friends from my university program in Sherbrooke (Québec), we had planned to celebrate the end of our schoolarship by having a meal in a beautiful and very glamourous restaurant in Montréal, since Corinne’s boyfriend already lived in that city and could welcome all of us overnight.

A few days after this new version of the nightmare with the staircase, Nadia and her boyfriend picked me up for our planned evening in Montreal. We had booked in a chic restaurant on St. Laurent Street, which no longer exists, Prima Donna. Arrived at the house of Corinne’s boyfriend, who was living on the third floor of a triplex, I asked her where she was planning to make us sleep, because I did not see any free rooms. She said, “There are two free rooms in the basement apartment. It is furnished, but it is empty. Come, follow me with your bags. “

She guided us through the kitchen and started going down the steps of an indoor staircase. I think you understood what was coming next...

After going down the equivalent of a floor, I saw a window that overlooked the tenant of the first floor ... chopping vegetables in his kitchen. I understood at that moment in what trap I had thrown myself ... Corinne opened the door of the basement apartment. I could feel the evil waves enveloping me like a breath ... I cannot describe it otherwise, but it almost felt to me as if the apartment was bathed in a kind of weird and very low red vibration.

Just writing these lines still plunges me into great discomfort 18 years later.

Many people have asked me since why I did not leave at that moment. First, I was flat broke and, also, I did not want to look stupid in front of these two friends. I encouraged myself thinking that I would not be alone in the basement since Nadia and her boyfriend would be in the next room.

Needless to say, I had zero fun that evening. I felt awful and, yet, the worst was still to come and I knew it! Just the idea of going back to the apartment made me feel nauseous. I was doing everything to delay the moment. Despite my lack of appetite, I ordered more than one overpriced coffee and a tasteless dessert to stay longer in the restaurant.

Then came the moment we - I mean they - all decided to go ... I had no more recourse. On the way back, I tried to see some positive: the dream was only a coincidence, all basement apartments are equally gloomy ...

So it’s full of this false sense of security that I went to sleep alone in the small room next to the one where Nadia and her boyfriend were. I ended up falling asleep quite quickly, without much problem.

Then, in the middle of the night, a vigorous push on my arm woke me up. At the same time, I heard very close to my ear a weird tearing sound, like nylon clothing being torn apart. (I’ve read not long ago that some paranormal investigators associate that sound with a demonic entity entering our dimension. Just the thought of it makes me shiver.)

I was lying there, in the darkest night, alone in this horrible room, wondering what had attacked me in the dark ... The room didn’t have any lamp next the bed, and I was unable to leave the bed to reach the light switch on the wall.

I do not think my heart ever beat so hard... I was paralyzed. I was thinking to myself: this is not happening. That can’t be true! Were these nightmares intended to warn me all that time? What should I do?

Corinne was living two floorshigher and the doors were probably locked. I was certainly not going to wake up Nadia and her boyfriend in the next room!

My head was spinning at a thousand miles an hour! I was trying to find an explanation for everything. I did a pretty good job convincing myself that what I felt vigorously on my arm was nothing more than a big rat or snake straight out of the sewers. And since I slept with a bad quality nylon quilt, the noise was probably just the slip of the fabric.

As I was delighted to have found an explanation for everything, the same stuff happened again: the thrust on the shoulder and the tearing sound next to my ear.

I think I lost consciousness at that point ... Well, that’s what I believe, cause I woke up later at the sight of the first pale light of dawn, as soon as I could see at the end of my nose. I grabbed all my stuff, climbed the stairs two steps at a time (the doors were actually unlocked) and sat down in Corinne’s kitchen at 5:30 a.m., alone and in the dark. When she woke up some three hours later, I told her that I had just arrived and had a good night sleep...

On the way back to Sherbrooke, I told the story to Nadia and her boyfriend, who also had a very bad night and felt scared to death, even though nothing actually happened to them. We decided never to tell Corinne about it.

At that moment, I was living temporarily with another friend, Suzie. When I arrived at her place, I was very disappointed not to find her. As it happened before the reign of cell phones, I could not reach her anywhere and resigned myself to sleep alone in the apartment. As the night was falling, I sat down on my bed and started listening to the evening news to try to reassure myself with the voice of my favourite speaker.

At that moment, I started to hear weird scratches in the wall just behind me... Not paranormal shit again! The scratches kept going me just behind my back as I was again paralyzed with fear. Just as I could not take more, the front door and and Suzie was shouting out my name aloud with a frightened look on her face.

We jumped in each other’s arms. She told me that she was initially planing to sleep at her boyfriend’s cabin, but during the evening, she “felt” that I needed her and that she had to go back to the apartment ASAP. I told her the whole story while she looked at me with pure terror.

She pulled from a drawer two blessed medals that belonged to her late mom, and we slept with them for a few days.

She tried to reassure me that the scratchings in the wall was made by mice. But of all the time I have lived at her place, I have never heard anything like that, not before, not after the event I described above...

This was my scary story. Today, I told it to a friend as I was mentioning my intention to submit it to Jezebel. He frowned when I told him the part where I believe I’ve lost consciousness out of fear and asked me: ‘That demonic entity, did you ever wonder what it did with you between that moment and when you finally left the room?´

Holly cow! I have never thought about that! Now I am again freaking out!