I was 20 years old in 2001 and had just moved out of my parents house. Being a college student and working full time, I decided to buy a new car...a 2000 (leftover inventory from last year) Ford Escort ZX2. The deal on the ZX2 was great because the bank I worked for had a partnership with Ford Motor Credit,  so I got X plan pricing. Not the car I wanted but hey, it was new, had cheap insurance and payment along with that new car warranty.

The real story is a year later. The car was a huge lemon and was in the shop more than in my driveway. I had zero luck with Ford buying it back because it was never the same problem. Honda had their new Civic’s out at the time and I was in LOVE.

I rolled into a Honda dealership one night after picking up my ZX2, again, from Ford service. I test drove a 2002 Civic LX coupe. Sit down to negotiate the transaction thinking I was screwed because of the depreciation of the ZX2. The dealership booked the ZX2 WRONG. They offered me a couple thousand more than I had paid for it a year prior with tax, title and license!!! The contract showed the car as a Ford MISC. VIN was correct, miles correct, everything correct.

I left that night in the new Civic. To wrap up the story, I drove directly to my aunt’s home (she is an attorney) and we ensured we were locked in tight on the contract. Needless to say, about 2 days later, my phone rang off the hook every 15 minutes. Threatening voicemails. Threats to repo my Civic. The financing went through as per the contract. I had the car for 7 awesome years. I’m sure somebody lost their job over this transaction, but how often does the consumer win at a dealership?! The only thought my friends and I had was the ZX2 was technically an Escort.  Maybe the used car sales manager couldn’t find the car to book and used another model like a Taurus? It has me baffled still to this day!