I thought bait and switch was a thing of the past, but nope.

Looking at the then-just released 2018 Accord, did the email-every-dealer-within-500-miles thing. Had my spec sheet with the accessories, got maybe a 10% hit rate of actual quotes, a whole lot of automated responses, and a bunch of personalized responses that showed that nobody actually read my goddamned email.

The best out-the-door offer was Gwinnett Place Honda, about five hours away up in Atlanta. I settle on cost, end up asking for aftermarket leather (since for some weird reason Honda only lets you buy an Accord Sport with manual with cloth seats), had the price all set, mailed them the frigging pre-authorized check from my credit union (with the VIN written on it).

They call back, say they accidentally gave me the wrong VIN. So now there’s hassle getting a replacement check. I have the replacement check ready to go, and the sales manager said they accidentally quoted me the wrong engine size (the 2.0L is about 3-4 grand more than the 1.5L). So now they’re trying to jack the price up, on the negotiated and three times confirmed price. (Obviously, the original intent was to get me to drive five hours up there and stick me with the surprise.) I was so pissed, I didn’t even respond. I ghosted them.

They tried calling me a few times after that. I finally picked up, and they said “your car is here. We’re about to send it off to get leather seats put on it, but we need to know you’re still interested in the car and going to pay for it first.” I sarcastically told them the check was in the mail. They call 2 days later saying the car is ready with my new leather seats! I tell them to go fuck themselves, and get it from another Atlanta dealership, with everything I wanted, at a better price than originally negotiated.

So yeah, fuck Gwinnett Place Honda and the smarmy little bait-and-switching piece of shit sales manager of theirs. I hope that (heavily customized) goddamned car is still sitting on their lot.