working summer jobs since I was 15, After crashing my cheapie craigslist first car I went to save and buy myself something nice I thought would last me until I moved out,being still in college.  I had 16 large in cash saved. Unfortunately decided I wanted a low mileage cooper S, but that is another story.

After finding one, and going through all the requisite purchasing crap with the dealer, I finally ended up in the finance office making ready to pay for everything. I described my situation to the finance lady, saying how I was just nervous because this was an unbelievable amount of money for me at the time. I should of known something was off, she just kept talking about her ex husband for some reason. When it came down to writing the check, she held it directly in front of my face and asked if I wanted to kiss my money goodbye. At the time, I was too young and in shock to really do anything about it, other than get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

I mean, who does that?