I found an P71 Crown Vic I was interested in that the owner had upgraded with deeper gears and big brakes. When I called to make arrangements to look at it, he asked me to meet him at a strip club. So I did. I had to explain to the bouncers that I really wasn’t there for the girls, but to buy a car from some guy. They actually believed that and let me in without paying the cover charge. Then it took me awhile to find the guy who was in a private room.

I did end up buying it. He didn’t want his plates so I kept them on until I registered it. The second day I had it I was pulled over and back up officers were called in. I was ordered out of the car and put in the back of one of the police cars. Apparently there were warrants out under those plates. After showing them the title they let me go but told me to get where I was going (which was 2 hours from home) and take the plates off and park it until the transfer went through with the DMV. They didn’t tell me what the warrants were for, but I got the impression it was something more than parking tickets.