I was helping my brother-in-law find a used Honda Odyssey. Located the perfect one on Craigslist, and it was private-party which is a huge bonus in AZ because we don’t have to pay sales tax. I go with him to take a look at it, and we find ourselves in a VERY pricey area of Scottsdale, an “old money” part of town with massive homes on big lots and horses, etc. We show up at the house, but when my brother-in-law texts the owner he says that he’s not been able to get home yet, and will be 30-45 minutes late. He then tells us how to get in the house and get to the garage where the van is, and encourages us to let ourselves in to his $2M+ home, check out the van in the garage, and take it for a drive. Keep in mind this guy has never met or even seen either of us. I thought we were being punked somehow, but we (respectfully) proceeded to do just that.

Ended up buying the van when he finally made it home. Very nice guy, serial entrepreneur who’d done very well. I guess when you have that kind of money you don’t have to worry too much about people stealing petty things like minivans.