I had an old Mazda B2200 pickup. It finally got to the point where it would no longer pass inspection so I put it on CL as “Trade for ?” and let it fly. Within 20 mins it was sold, my phone had been ringing off the hook the whole time. I decided to accept in trade a flatbed homemade trailer and an old snowmobile.

Fast forward five years and I’ve modified the trailer with a folding ramp and sides and decided I’m over the sled and put it on CL again for $500 OBO. I get a call that night (I might add it’s snowing like crazy) from a guy who wants it that night and will give me an extra $100 to bring it now. It was only about an hour drive so I said sure, threw it on the trailer and behind my truck and brought it over. The whole drive I had this weird feeling that I’d been there before. When I finally arrive the guy has this smirk on his face, and is asking me all about the sled and trailer and I can’t place where I know him from.

As he hands me the money he admits he was the guy I traded the truck to for that very sled and trailer and that he found someone to sticker the truck and sold it for $1200 the week after he bought it and always missed the snowmobile and jumped at the chance to buy it back when it came up.

Honestly, what are the odds?