Well I could say my worst ATTEMPT to buy a car was when I went to get a used 2016 GT350 from Fred Beans Ford.

Sales lady was very unprepared for me to be there even thought I had an appointment. She didn’t have the keys, she had no idea how to enter my info into an iPad she had, nothing so it took about 20min to even get in the car. We then test drove, all went well and we went back to do paper work. I had great credit (840's), wan putting down 1/2 the price, and I was pre-financed through my bank. I did want to see if they could get a better rate though.

We get back and she asks if I’m sure I’m interested in teh car, which was odd, I say yes then she goes off and then I sit there and she goes to talk to Finance. After sitting about 20min she finally comes back and shows me number based on a 10% apr.. not sure why, and tells me that’s just an “average based on what people usually get”..... Really? People average 10% APR on a car? Then she asks if I want to run my credit.. yes I had told her that when we got there. I thought she was going to get the forms, not get me some BS numbers.

I fill out the form and she again asks if I’m sure I want the car, then goes off again.

When it was all said and done I walked out after 4 hours, never seeing anything based on my credit, and having been repeatedly asked if I’m sure I wanted the car. I took off a day at work to try to get this thing. Over the weekend both the sales manager and sales lady both repeatedly call me asking when I’ll be back, but neither at anypoint ever actually mentioning what the APR or payment would be based on the info I gave them.

I will NEVER visit a Fred beans dealership again.