I’ll expand a bit on the 3 frontiers region (France, Germany and Switzerland). I am all for this destination, not only because it’d be convenient for me, but there is a load of things to do:

- DRIVING: The wine road, which is a funny concept in itself (get it? because drinking and driving don’t exactly mix, but they did it anyway!). It may not Swiss Alps level but there are some twisties. We could even make a detour in the Vosges for a bit of mountain fun.



- CAR STUFF: Just a bit south of Alsace there is Montbéliard, where there is the Peugeot Museum. I’ve been there, it’s great, you learn a ton of stuff about the Peugeot cars but also about the company’s history (these guys have done everything! Cars, boat engines, tools, pepper grinder and washing machines)


Warning: some 205 lovers may lose their shit

- CAR STUFF: If you feel like driving to Stuttgart, this city is home to a few rather anonymous car manufacturers frowned upon by enthusiasts, namely Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. I only did the Mercedes museum but it was a hoot. I’d love to see the Porsche one.

- CAR STUFF AND MORE: Ever heard about the Sinsheim Technics Museum? If you love things with engines in them, you’ll love it. We’re talking about cars, bicycles, tractors, tanks, trains and aircrafts.

- NONCAR STUFF: Europa Park is close-by (less than one-hour drive from Colmar)! It’s only the world’s best amusement park (well, it won this award every year since 2014 at least).

- NONCAR STUFF: There is also a train museum next to the Schlumpf museum which is quite interesting!

- NONCAR STUFF: Did I mention some cities are just drop dead gorgeous? Colmar:


- GASTRONOMY: You’ll learn what a proper Tarte flambée is!

- OTHER: The weather is quite nice year-round (there is a micro-climate)

I guess that is about 5 to 6 days of fun (1 day for Europa Park, 1 for Mulhouse and its museums, 1 for Stuttgart and its museums, 1 for Colmar for tourism, 1 for Strasbourg for tourism, 1 day for Sinsheim) plus a bit of driving around / chilling. That should do nicely I think!

There is also the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, but based on their website, if you are not all willing to chip in for a Chiron, we won’t be allowed in.