You give up on your car when you don’t love it anymore. It can be for myriad reasons. Maybe you don’t love it because it’s costing you money in repairs. Maybe it stranded you by the side of the road. Maybe you looked it one day and thought “I can do better.”

I love my truck (2003 Tundra step-side). I’ll drive it and love it until it actually dies. I put up with it eating headlights and brake lights. I put up with it burning a little oil (doing the rings this weekend). I put time and money in it because I love it. This year alone I’ve replaced tie-rods (upper and lower, both sides) ball joints, and brake pads and rotors. I’ve had the engine sea-foamed in an attempt to de-grit the rings. I need to do rear shocks and front struts before the year ends.

Can I get something that does what this truck does, with fewer maintenance requirements? Sure. But I love my truck.

When I don’t love it, I’ll get rid of it.