From a guy who lives in the worlds largest “heavy snowfall” classified city in the woooorld.

1) Get your braking done before you start your turning. (Just like racing. Physics hath no myth)

2) Grip check: Test the road before the road tests you. GENTLE brake checks, GENTLE steering checks (advanced drivers)

3) Snowbanks are your friend, kind of: If it looks like your going to rear end someone consider steering into the snowbank as an alternative. They are softer, don’t sue, and can be a crude, but effective alternative to brakes.

4) Intersections: Get slipperier as you get closer to the stop line. Because more cars + more radiating engine heat melting ice = more screaming death. So get your braking done early.

5) Every year brings it’s IE moment. An IE moment is when you realize you are on ice and start screaming Aiiiiiiiii as you skid down the road. Learn from this and recalibrate.