Oh, Southern edition:

1. Just because there is an 1/8" of Snow predicted as a 1% possibility doesn’t mean you need to empty the local grocery store.

2. Sorry, nobody ever eats that much French Toast. You don’t need 8 gallons of milk, 5 dozen eggs and 15 loaves of bread for the one day it might possibly snow.  As long as you have TP, you’re fine.

3. On the day of the storm, everything is closed anyway. Stay at home and make up stories about the Blizzard. Don’t under any circumstance try to actually drive in it. (PS, it will only rain, so save up the stories for the actual snow days).

4. Most important. The real danger in the South is Black Ice. Assume any darker spot on the pavement and all bridges are icy. If you are driving along and the headlights of approaching cars sparkle off the pavement, you are near black ice. Don’t panic, just gently let off the gas and coast. Don’t saw on the wheel or nail the brakes.