Best 10 tips from a veteran Canadian driver:

1. Slow down, especially on turns. Smooth acceleration and turns. Momentum keeps you from getting stuck, so smooth slow driving not stop go.

2. Two hands on wheel, pay attention. Ice doesn’t give you warning.

3. If you are in the snowbelt. Get winter tires. Nothing else is adequate.

4. Wash car frequently, especially during salt season. Also, get the car oil sprayed before to prevent rust.

5. Always have spare washer fluid, it runs out fast during travel with constant salt spray. Have a scraper and mits handy for freezing rain.

6. Keep warm clothes etc. with the emergency kit. You never know what will happen.

7. Make sure the right oil and antifreeze is in the car and capable of subzero temps.

8. Your AWD and 4x4 with your CUV and truck might get you going a little quicker in bad weather, but THEY WILL NOT STOP YOU ANY FASTER. Slow down!

9. When brushing off the car, no matter how much an inconvenience, always also do the roof! Flying sheets of ice and snow can blind you, cause damage, and could cause a bad accident.

10. Everything takes longer, especially starting. Give yourself lots of time to merge or make turns. Smooth inputs to throttle and steering prevent slippage.