Winterized? It’s not a boat. Cars are, under most circumstances, ready for winter.

my tips are as follows

1. learn to drive in the snow - when it snows find a parking lot and play...a lot. When it snows again, do it again. Different temps, wetness, pack, etc change the traction equation. Brake hard, brand hard and turn, stomp the gas, lift off steer, etc. You’ll figure out pretty quick how it all works and how cautious you need to be. don’t play too close to curbs or other cars, if you are going sideways or its real slick you can slide a looong way before stopping.

2. if its a salt state (salt the roads) coat the bottom of your car with fluid film about once a month and wash your car about once a week.

3. as others have said, keep a box of winter things in the car. warm cloths, good boots (if you aren’t wearing them), gloves, hat, blanket. Plus a shovel, some traction aid (kitty litter for example). Don’t forget water, a little food and a deck of cards. Sometimes your stuck in the snow because of an accident or something else...might as well be prepared.

4. Personally I think the best thing it the world for unsticking a car in winter is traction boards. Maxtrax is coming out with mini’s depending on the price these are highly worth the investment. I use my full size maxxa boards at least 3-4 times a winter helping other people get unstuck. I pretty much carry them full time in the winter even though I’ve never personally been stuck.

5. Obviously winter tires, but truthfully tip 1...I more valuable.

Also, please consult the chart to find out where you are and adjust accordingly