Before I was born, my mom made some, uh, interesting car decisions.

Note: she has never bought a used car. Yes, she’s older, and I might die by saying that.

Chose a Beetle over a Karmann-Ghia.

Bought a Fiat 124 over an Alfa Spider (in her defense, she was afraid the Alfa’s power top was going to constantly break).

Other than these two, she has been pretty good and is actually willing to listen to me on car choices.

My dad on the other hand is a MESS.

Bought a new Beetle Turbo in AUTOMATIC.

RSX in, you guessed it, AUTOMATIC.

Loves gold on gold cars.

Puts sheepskin seat covers and coco mats in EVERY DAMN CAR LIKE IT IS 1982.

I swear he buys the ugliest cars known to man. He also can’t drive for shit. No wonder my mom divorced him.