My parents purchased a 1990 Buick Century Station Wagon new from the dealership. With a diesel engine. On our first road trip to Oregon after purchasing the wagon, it broke down. And on every subsequent road trip in the wagon, it broke down. The wagon chew through 3 engines and 1 transmission over the 3 years we owned it. My Dad refused to admit defeat. My Mom finally had enough and drove the wagon to a dealer, threw them the keys, and drove off the lot with a new 1993 Subaru Legacy. It’s still a sore spot for my Dad. Side note about the Buick, we lived on a hill in Idaho. The Buick wasn’t able to make it to our house in the snow. We would regularly have to park the wagon at the bottom of the hill and walk to our house. The Subaru solved that.

Sadly, my Dad hasn’t learned his lemon lesson. He currently drives a 1997 Jeep Cherokee, which should be a sweet ride. But his is running on 4 of its six cylinders, no longer has functioning 4WD, and burns oil like an OPEC nation trying to break an embargo. He has sunk thousands of dollars into his $2,000 dollar Jeep. According to him, “It’s a good car when it runs right.” I don’t think it’s ever “run right.”