My mom missed having a sporty car with a manual transmission, so in the early 90s, she bought a used silver Fiero. The car had 2 seats & she had 3 kids, two of which were teenagers. I have so many memories of her driving my brother & I somewhere, with him sitting in the seat, with a seatbelt, and me crouching on the passenger floorboard, hoping we don’t crash or that I don’t puke (no car has ever made me as carsick as that car, even when I did get a turn in the seat).

If she had to pick me at night, my mortified teenage self could always pick her car out from across any parking lot because it had one headlight that would stick in the down closed position, till she thwacked the side of the housing, Fonz-style, in front of my friends. I do not miss that car.