Growing up on a farm, we were huge loyalists to Chevrolet. Had nothing but GM products for years. That may have bitten my father in the bum.

I had an old Honda CRX as my high school, and later college, car. When it was time for it to be put out the pasture, I went looking all around for a new car. Being the Honda faithful guy, I went to look at Accords. My father got wind of this and offered help, with a caveat. He said he would assist in payment on a brand new car. But it needed to be a GM. Actually, a Cavalier, to be more specific. Being a broke college student, I acquiesced. His reasoning was that GM vehicles were so reliable, yadda yadda yadda... My sister had 2 Cavaliers, and they were nothing but reliable and built like a tank. His Grand Am also could be driven cross country with no issues. Those Japanese cars were nothing but trouble. Parts were expensive to buy, everything is too complicated, et cetera. Basically, I was not ever getting him to help me on an Accord. So I bought a brand new 2001 Cavalier with manual everything, save the power sunroof. Weird.

Flash forward a couple years.

My dad and his wife wanted to take a long show tour of the southeastern US. The point was to be take a long scenic trip to visit me now living in Clearwater, Florida working at an Acura dealership as a full A-line technician. About 2 days into their trip, their “dead reliable” Grand Am became just “dead”. Over the course of 2 weeks, their car spent the entire time at various dealerships all over the southern US. It was all electrical gremlins that did everything from not start, randomly shutting off, randomly have the security alarm go nuts, and everything in between. They spent thousands on body control modules, diagnostic fees, rental cars they had to keep local, and crappy food. After having their vacation completely ruined by spending almost as much as the car was worth in control units, they headed back home. Or, actually, limped back home. Since the damn thing barely made it back.

Th next day after they got back, he went down to town. And purchased a brand new Honda Accord. Which they still have to this day, 14 years later. And nothing has ever broken or gone wrong with it. Ever.