Early 2000s Daewoos, particularly the Nubira. My buddy was looking for a new car in 2001-2002 to replace his god-awfully ugly but extremely reliable 1990 Nissan Sentra (remember Nissan’s early ‘90s paint issues?).

We stopped by the Daewoo dealership on a cold winter evening right at closing, and one of the sales guys was starting a new Nubira to move it or something. It literally sounded like a tiny road crew with jackhammers had suddenly started working under the hood. Just a horrific racket. Imagine filling a paint can 1/4 of the way with 1/4" ball bearings, then putting that can in a paint mixer.  There was another sales guy out there as well, and the two literally had to SHOUT to carry on a 10-foot conversation over the engine noise.

We quietly left the dealership before they spotted us. Daewoo quietly left the country a year or so later.

Worst car of the millennium has to be the one that led to the entire company folding up it’s tents and going home...after only FIVE YEARS. Of course, GM and Suzuki just rebadged them later after a bankrupt Daewoo became “GM Korea”.

What did my buddy eventually buy? An early 1990s Acura Legend.