Nissan Almera also known as the Nissan Versa in the States. These cars sold like hotcakes in Malaysia where I’m from. They’re the cheapest four-door family saloon that is not badged as a Proton or a Perodua, starting from less than MYR 70,000 (less than USD 17,000) but that cheap price comes at a price:

1. There’s only one air-bag for the cheapest model and even the highest specced model (there are only two specs) has two airbags.

2. It looks like a manatee on wheels.

3. There’s no stability control.

4. Sluggish acceleration. It has overdrive mode, which does not make a difference in improving acceleration.

5. It has a horrible resale value, most Almeras drop MYR 10,000 within a year.

Despite that, it remains Nissan’s best-selling car in Malaysia but it’s just a joke at this point.

P.S. They even offer a NISMO package for this slow piece of junk. You could opt for a full NISMO performance package that replaces the regular suspension for sports suspension. I wonder how will that improve the car’s comfort since it is already relatively comfortable?