“Of course, the Caliber he drove was falling apart, zip-tied, taped and had a CVT.”

Yeah... a low/lower powered 4 cyl car mated to an automatic or CVT is gonna suck. And having one that’s poorly maintained isn’t gonna make the experience better.

Now let me think... worst high volume car of this millennium...

I would say it’s the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Crappy 62 mile EPA-rated range, crappy looks, feels like a glorified golf cart when you sit in it (and I personally did sit in one), slow (13-15 second 0-60 time) and was way overpriced to the point they were still trying to sell “new” ones that were 2 years old a couple of years back... at least in Canada.

I suspect they must have lost a ton of money on this thing and it probably did a lot to bring down Mitsubishi.