Did you ever drive a Ford Aspire? It was so freaking crappy that it aspired to be a POS. 0-60 in 5 minutes, if you were going down a hill and had a tailwind. Horrible, cheap interior — which was expected, but honestly was even worse. But perhaps the most embarrassing thing about it was its horn. An insurance company made me take it as a loaner, so I picked it up at the airport when I got back into town. So long flight, rental car bus, rental car line, now driving this thing out of the airport on a Friday night. So of course I get stuck behind the slowest moving human being as I’m trying to exit the toll plaza at DFW. Sit, wait, wait, wait, still waiting. I finally decide I’ve had enough and honked. Well, I can’t even describe the pitiful sound that emanated from this so-called vehicle. It was so bad that literally every person in the four surrounding vehicles (because the horn could not be heard beyond that circle) started laughing. I started laughing. When I got home, I brought the family outside so they could hear it — they started laughing. The neighbors saw us outside gathered ‘round this little turd laughing uproariously and they came out. When I finally was able to explain why we were laughing, they wanted to hear it — they started laughing. We ended up with damn near the entire block outside laughing at this so-called car. It became a block party as other people came by — a couple of people from around the corner stopped because they thought it was one of those meet-your-neighbor gatherings thrown by the HOA -- when they heard what was going on, they wanted to hear the horn and they laughed. 

Though you may not believe it, the above is a true story. There is zero embellishment.