Not a long story, but a crazy one - driving in shifts with a few mates, and carrying a bunch of extra fuel and supplies, we once drove my clapped out old van from Brisbane to Perth across the middle of Australia - an equivalent distance of NY to LA in a nearly straight shot - in two and a bit days, call it three days rounding up. Just to go surfing. Not really an exciting story as some others here, with beautiful photos of cool things, because let me tell you what’s in the middle of Australia, because it’s exactly two things - Uluru, and four fifths of five eighths of fuck all. The most exciting thing we did on the drive was, during a stop for a quick slash, try that thing where you look up at the horizon, and then into the sky to see if you fall over - we all did.

We flew back and had the van shipped by train, because fuck making that drive twice in a week. We were absolutely wrecked by the end of it. Luckily, it was a lot cheaper to do that back then, but the expense was still worth it just to avoid making the drive back.