Ever since I was a kid, my family has always been road trippers. We didn’t do Wisconsin Dells or Disneyworld for our family trips, we hit the road, usually to Oklahoma and Texas as we had family in both states. So I would consider myself a seasoned road warrior as I keep the trend alive now, racking up 80k miles in 4 years with multiple trips across the country.

My favorite trip was 2 years ago when I drove solo to the west coast and a bunch of places in-between. My ex-girlfriend of 4 years had just broken up with me via text message and my whole world was falling apart, the only thing I could fathom doing was getting away for a little while and that’s exactly what I did. I always wanted to ride the dragon in LA on my motorcycle and what better time than now?

So I loaded my bike up behind my Kia soul, said goodbye to my parents and everyone else from home, and set off on a 2 week road trip with the money I had saved for my ex’s ring. I left MN via I-35 and drove down through Oklahoma City, had lunch with my aunt & uncle, then headed west on I-40, destination....Cadillac Ranch. After I stopped there I kept going west To Flagstaff to see my sister and brother in law, we decided that a 3 day kayak trip on Lake Powell would be fun so that’s what we did, off the radar for 3 days, kayaking around Lake Powell complete with cliff jumping and viewing the beautiful Horseshoe Bend. After Flagstaff and Lake Powell it was time to head south to Phoenix to see my brother and his family.

We bummed around Phoenix for 3 days and I got to experience Arizona’s State fair which I am am sorry to say, doesn’t hold a candle to the State fair in Minnesota, it felt more like a county fair, but it was still fun.

After Arizona it was time to cross the dragon off my bucket list, I stayed in Van Nuys and rode my motorcycle all over the PCH, the dragon, and the infamous 405 during rush hour. I was hoping to see a bunch of riders and cool cars on the snake, but being it was a weekday, I had it all to myself. It was fun, but I think it wold have been a lot more fun if there were people out there. I also got my first taste of lane splitting as it is illegal in MN. What a rush that was, at first it was very nerve wracking, but after a few times it almost felt second nature. Also being able to essentially go however fast I wanted was nice, the speed limits are taken very seriously in MN.

After I had my fun in California, it was time to head towards home. I was starting to feel a little homesick by now as being in a fresh breakup, it was kind of unsettling being alone with my thoughts, so I decided to see my sister in Flagstaff again as they were on my way to Monument Valley. I hit up Hoover Dam on the way to Flag and saw the Vegas skyline as I was passing by. Driving through Monument Valley is amazing and I recommend it to everyone if they are in the area, it is so neat. Moab was my next destination from Monument Valley, but I just passed through as I was running short on time. I have been to Arches before and I went there after this road trip, so it wasn’t a big deal. After Moab, it was essentially a straight shot home through Colorado on I70, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, then back home.

It was a long ass trip, 2 weeks, 5500 miles and time to find myself. I definitely came back a different person than the one that left. Road trips are my drug and I’ll keep doing them as long as I can. I did 5 road trips last year and have 3 under my belt this year so far.