My tale has been told before and if told properly would no doubt run to several thousand words. Obviously, I will need to show restraint. Who knows, I might even serialize the story. Anyhow, to set the stage, we start with a young couple, a German national girl and a Marine Sergeant. Newly wed and living in Chicago, the Marine was reassigned to San Diego. This in turn led to a plan to take their ‘62 Triumph TR3B, and drive cross country with the intent to show the girl as much of the western United States as possible.

I was that Sergeant and the German girl was my bride. The Triumph had just been tuned up and outfitted with various bits to enhance luggage capacity, fog and driving lights in front and a euro style fog light in the rear. I also installed four brand new Michelin radials that were three sizes to large. They just barely cleared the wheel wells but gave a fantastic foot print, especially considering the year was 1969.

In the late spring, we loaded the trunk, a steamer trunk on the cargo thing, and even the spare tire well. I packed a can of fix a flat and left providence take care of it. We also were transporting two cats down in the passenger foot well in a soft sided pet carrier. The cats weren’t very happy but their part of the trip only went as far as St. Louis.

At this point, I will pause my story and find out if anyone is interested in hearing more and at what level of detail. Remember, we haven’t even started the trip which will eventually find us going through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and finally, northern and southern California.  Let me know!  Opa