When I was in college, going through a new beater every year due to catastrophic engine failure or other bad luck, I found something lovely. A used car dealer in town had a very nice second-gen Mazda RX-7, in an eye-popping bright yellow, at a pretty good price. I’d fallen in love with them since my roommate had one. This dealer seemed to focus on RX-7s, and they usually had one or two expensive third-gens, but this FC was in my meager price range. I took it for a test drive and loved it. I immediately decided it was to be my next car. Problem was, it was closing time on a Saturday, and they were closed Sunday. I stopped in with my money on Monday morning, only an hour after they opened and learned that within that hour, someone else had test drove it, fallen in love like I had, and bought it. A literal case of “you snooze you lose”. Never found another one in reasonable shape at a reasonable price in SE Michigan / NW Ohio after that.