Last August, I needed to buy a car cheap and insure it myself(had 3 points on my record so my only option was liability). Me being a college student working a part-time tech support job over summer, my budget was pretty slim. Nevertheless, I decided to use this opportunity to buy something interesting and fun.

I picked up a 1995 BMW 525i (E34) with 150k miles on it for $1,400. The car was leaking oil from the valve-cover gasket(typical BMW) and ruined the spark plugs and ignition coils and created a nasty rough idle. Once I got that sorted, all she needed was a little bit of TLC and she was perfect for daily use. I absolutely loved that car, not the fastest car or the best handling but it was gorgeous to look at and cruise in. It always turned heads wherever I went.

After about 6 months, I had to do the trans fluid, drive belts, brake pads and rotors to keep it running but me looking ahead thought that I would end up spending a sizable amount to keep it alive as 2018 went on(I had gotten an internship and needed to commute 65 miles a day round trip through LA rush hour traffic). I figured it would just be smart to sell it, throw some extra money I had on top and buy something a little newer and more reliable. Ended up selling it for $1800 and buying an 05 Accord Coupe after striking out on some Lexus Sc300's.

Its only been like 6 months and I miss that car every single day. Its worth noting that in the 5,000 miles I drove the car, it never once broke down or gave me trouble. Part of me feels like I did the right thing as a 21 year old with limited financial backing but the other part of me feels like I made a mistake letting her go. I mean, look at her.