This car. It’s a 2008 smart fortwo with a Toyota Paseo engine and a manual transmission stuffed into it, then a giant blower for good measure. I know the guy who built the car and he’s an insanely good craftsman. This thing looked stock, ate Mustangs, and you could hear the supercharger whine for several city blocks.

As luck (or lack of it) would have it, this thing appeared for sale for just $4,500. The builder sold it to a guy and that guy let it sit in his garage and eventually just wanted it gone. Unfortunately for me, less than a week earlier I dropped $3k on a rare (for the US) 450 smart convertible. I knew there was no way I could flip the convertible in time to buy the wheelie smart before someone else did.

As much as I love the convertible, every time I get behind the wheel of it I am reminded that had I waited a week longer I could have picked up the famous wheelie smart that eats ‘Stangs and can be used as a daily (unlike Hayabusa smarts). I hope the new owner is enjoying it.

(video works, thumbnail broken)