Into my adolescence, when many things were developing, my Jalopness blossomed during the Fast and Furious age. The first movie had just been released, and soon solidified my longing for small Japanese race cars, like the EK Civic.

After years of drawing, and re-drawing, that Civic with a variety of mods, always tinkering with the car in my head, I serendipitously spied a Black 2000 Civic Si (for realz!) sitting in the Used lot at a Mitsubishi dealership.

I wasn’t in the market for a car, but when life hands you an opportunity, there’s only one answer. Sure enough, I fell in love with Vtec, and we went home together that day.

We had four wonderful years of tinkering together, long nights of meditational cruising, until it was stolen from me in 2008. After so much work, it was just... gone.

My car was never recovered.

Not sure I ever recovered either.