Let’s call this “the faith healer.”

Was heading to the hospital for a conference - was a little late so on the access road I passed a Subaru Baja. I turned right onto the hospital driveway, stopped for a pedestrian...then all of a sudden got launched three feet ahead. Fortunately the pedestrian was on the far side of the crosswalk, otherwise I would have hit him as he was in the line of travel. My center console came apart from the impact, but no airbags.

I get out, seething and ready to rip apart the person who hit me, when I see the same Subaru Baja that I passed directly behind me. The door opens...and out steps a Catholic priest.

I calmed myself down, he apologized and admitted that he had been on the phone when he hit me and was distracted, which also helped me calm down since he wasn’t going to be confrontational. We exchanged information and the rest of it was that.

Oh, why the “faith healer” moniker? I had mid-back pain from my job, and after that...nothing. Probably the only time being rear-ended by a priest had a positive outcome for the victim.