I was rear-ended in my senior year of high school (spring 1987). I was stopped at an intersection in my VW (Squareback) waiting to turn left onto my street. The driver of the other car (a nurse who just came off a 12-hour shift) came down the hill in her E80 Toyota Corolla like an Exocet missile and hit me doing (according to witnesses) somewhere in the neighborhood of 50MPH. Looking in my rearview mirror, I had just enough time to say ‘Oh, shit!’ and get my foot off the brake pedal before she hit me.

The impact punted my car 10' forward across the oncoming lane of traffic (thankfully, I didn’t hit anyone) and planted me nose-first into a laurel hedge. The body of the car was bent up in the middle and the car was about 12 inches shorter, the back of the car was pushed in so the fan shroud on the back of the engine was crushed and the engine was pushed forward up the transmission tunnel (which snapped off the front of the transmission).

Again, this was a 2000-pound-soaking-wet E80 Corolla that hit me.

Inside the car, I ended up going backwards through the driver’s seat (the metal uprights that attached the seat back to the seat base both sheared in half) and ended up in the back seat. After I was able to get out of the car (I had to kick the door open), I ended up getting the other driver’s information and walked the block and a half home (leaving the car where it was). According to my Mom, my first statement to her was, “I think I was just in a car accident.”

Later, I discovered that I had torn all the muscles across the front of my neck and had a fairly wicked concussion.  Medical was paid for by insurance, but all I got for the car was a measly $750.

So my senior year ended with me (a) without a car and (b) wearing a neck brace. This did not enhance my popularity.