Two answers.

The first car I honest to god truly loved was the General Lee. Yes I know, a bright orange, rebel flag wearing stock car on TV but I grew up watching the show (well reruns, it ended right before I was born) and I LOVED it. Still to this day I would kill for a 69 Charger R/T. Not necessarily a General Lee replica (especially with today’s current tensions) but a slightly roughed up old school stock car.

The second car is the 240sx (oh wow what a fucking surprise). It was my first car, and the next, and the next, and lastly, the next. All four 240's I owned were special. I made love in them, I slept in them, I took them to Coachella, I drove the crap out of all of them. My 240sx(s) was a defining feature of me for a solid 6 years. It allowed me to grow and build friendships. To show people who I was and what I was about. In fact, losing my last one, killed my entire ethos for working on cars. It went from being a fun challenge to a chore. To this day I still plan on buying another.