I had just came off a nightshift, had got about an hour’s sleep, and my brother came knocking on my bedroom door demanding I give him and his useless no good friend a lift to school because it was raining and he didn’t want to get wet walking, and he had purposefully left it too late to walk anyway without being late. Unfortunately I was too tired to drive right and missed that some jerk had stopped in the middle of the lane to turn left, and I put my El Camino square up his trunk. To this day I swear he didn’t have his blinkers on either. However, even with the rain, and the lack of blinkers, and the silently cursing my lazy ass brother in my head, I would probably have not have hit him if I had had got enough sleep. Don’t drive tired, boys and girls.

Thankfully there were no injuries worse than seatbelt bruises, and while his generi-box was a write off, my El Camino was salvageable. And there were no charges because it was a no left turn zone so he couldn’t call the cops without getting booked himself. However it had had the potential, looking back, to be so much much much worse. So I repeat; don’t drive tired. It isn’t worth it.