I knew it was going to be a bad weekend when I was packing up to leave my office on Friday afternoon. I didn’t know how right it was going to be.

I turned on my seat warmers and great stereo system in my 6 month old Mazda 6 Hatchback with a manual transmission, the first car I ever bought myself. Heading east on an East/West road in late January, I crossed the bridge over the Schuylkill River leading me to my apartment. I looked up at the traffic light and it appeared to be green. It wasn’t.

I went 40mph into the side of a late 90's Dodge Caravan. It bowed the minivan quite severely, and subsequently spun the van into a 3rd car, a Ford Taurus wagon. I woke up a few minutes later concerned my car was catching on fire. Later I learned these were the chemicals from the airbag.

Two takeaways from the accident:

1. I made chopper 10 as I backed up traffic on the bridge for several miles.

2. There’s now a new stoplight at that intersection because of me. It strobes and is much brighter. Apparently my accident was the tipping point for the town to put in new lights. The sun glare on the traffic lights caused so many accidents, and mine was no exception. Every time I travel back to PA, I look at my traffic light.