Let me paint you the picture: It was 2009, I just graduated High School and my dad helps me buy my first car, a 2009 Honda Fit. I’m still working at my first job at a supermarket and seeing some friends I would later come to regret.

I would work 5-10pm and no longer had a curfew thanks to my real license. So sometimes after work I would drive to my friends house to hang out, but this time was special. I just got a new car, only had it for 3 days! I had to show it off. I left work like normal, got onto a fairly well traveled road in central NJ, RT. 79. I drive no more than 2 mi and BOOM, a deer runs right in front of my car. I had no time to react, it literally appeared from the tree and right in front of my car. Naturally I panicked a bit, and even kept driving since the car was still running and thankfully no airbags deployed. But finally I decided it was too shaken up, I pull over, call the cops, call my dad, and then take a look at the damage. I killed the deer (upsetting) and the entire right front quarter panel of my car disintegrated (Extremely upsetting). I mean this was my first accident, I didn’t know what to do but sit on the side of the road, defeated, waiting for the police and my dad.

The story does have a good ending. 2 weeks later we got the car back, it was fixed as good as new, you wouldn’t even believe it was ever in an accident. The total damage was quoted at $7500. I the end it was traumatic because every now and then ill be driving at night and imagine a deer just materializing in front of my car again, it scares me the most because in a situation like I was in. There was no avoiding it, it was a random act of nature. It could easily happen again.