I got rear ended by a woman who was on her phone. She got out, didn’t want to call the cops... or give me her info... or anything. Just wanted to leave. She hit me hard enough that he radiator was cracked and leaking fluid and my bumper was hanging on by only a single clip. No airbags luckily.

I call the cops, they show up. She is pissed, yelling at me for “stopping on a busy road.” Keep in mind this was merge and the person in front of me, plus about 40 other people were also stopped. She was the only one still moving in the line of traffic.

Anyways, she was cited for a couple of things and we both went on our way.

Well, she canceled her insurance before I got a chance to report it to mine (it happened on a Sunday). Took a whole lot of back and forth and finding the police officer on scene since the accident wasn’t written up, only the citations because apparently they don’t have to write up an accident they think is less than $1000 in damage. Not sure if it’s true or not just the excuse I was given over and over again when I called about the report.

Anyways, driving around for 6 months without a bumper and finally get insurance to fix it. I get the car back. Leave the body shop and head to the bank. It’s a 4 lane road. I’m turning left, there is a traffic signal about 50 yards behind me and the exit from the bank is a right only meaning I only have to worry about oncoming traffic.

Well, I was wrong. The light was red so two people stopped to let me get into the back packing lot. Then I see out of the corner of my eye someone taking a left out of the bank, and then I feel the hit.

My brand new and freshly painted bumper is on the ground. Luckily no sheet metal damage again.

The person who hits me must have panicked and stepped on the gas and T-bones another person.


She starts yelling at me, the guy she T-boned, and then the cop who pulls up because he was in the line of traffic and saw the whole thing. She was then arrested for driving on a suspended license, operating an uninsured vehicle and resisting arrest plus a couple of other things.

Luckily, I ticked the little check box to cover for uninsured vehicles when my insurance renewed and it wasn’t the same BS as before and the car was fixed in 2 weeks.