I didn’t really care all that much about cars in general until I was 12. My parent’s and neighbor’s cars were either cheapskate specials or “old man cars”, and when a ‘68 Charger R/T appeared in a neighbor’s driveway, it all changed. And then another neighbor bought an orange ‘69 Road Runner, it had a 440 too, and I started having fantasies about it too. One of the high points of that period of my life was when the neighbors lined up their cars on “The Trail”, between Copland and Sherwood, and raced (Toledo Ohio, there was even a start and finish line (1/4 mile painted on the pavement forever). The RR won, by about a car length. Supposedly, they raced at Milan Dragway a few times, and the Charger ended up winning most of the time. I wonder if the Charger survived, I know the RR did. It was a twin to this one: