My dad’s ‘74 911. One owner since he bought it new in ‘75 while in college (can’t say I could do that today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). He cross shopped it with a 427 Cobra but that’s another story. My best childhood memories revolve around us cruising Woodward, washing and waxing the car, him taking me to school, summer camp, and more adventures. There was no better drug to start the car addiction; especially when he finally let me drive for the first time.

Whenever I’ve driven it, I’ve had many people try to buy it off me as ifthis 23 year old didn’t know what he was driving. You can’t put a price on what the car means to my family and I.

Currently sitting on jack stands, I’ve resealed the engine and rebuilt the brakes and am waiting for a good day to get my hands dirty and get her sorted out again!