On memorial day a few (~4) years ago, my boyfriend and I were driving from Sausalito in the North Bay down to Monterey to pick up a boat (my boyfriend is a captain). We had been out sailing for a few days and didn’t remember that it was memorial day!

We drove separate cars to the North Bay (I went to visit him while he was working) so we had to drive separately down to Monterey. We argued about which was was faster, HW 101 or the coastal HW 1 route. After seeing the traffic in San Francisco, I took the coast, he went inland. It’s normally a 2.5 hr drive. It took us something like ~5 hours in the bay area holiday traffic.

The funny part was, HW 101 and HW 1 merge into each other just north of Monterey. We actually ended up side by side at the merge! We each left the same place, drove for hours on separate freeways (stopping for breaks at different times), and then ended up merging at the same time and driving in tandem another hour to our destination.