This would have been in 2007 or 2008. Driving back with my mom from Ohio to Oklahoma on Dec 23rd. In Indiana it starts to sleet and get icy. Traffic slows, rightfully so, but then just stops. And that’s it. We just sat there on the interstate. After a few hours people were running to the woods to relieve themselves. People were walking around cars and chatting it up. Turns out, it got icy and several semis went off the road so they shut down the interstate, but they did not divert traffic. They just let us sit. After ELEVEN HOURS we finally decided to see if our little Kia could do a u-turn in the deep snow across the median to find a hotel for the night. It took us 3 exits to finally find a hotel room available because behind where we were sitting they were diverting traffic. In the morning it was foggy, but the traffic was all gone. The only evidence were dozens of abandoned cars of those who ran out of gas and overturned semitrucks. It was eerie as hell.