Don’t think anyone posted this yet, but leaving Houston during Hurricane Rita in 2005 was absolutely brutal. Wikipedia says that of the 113 deaths related to the hurricane, 107 of the deaths were related to the evacuation, and NOT from the hurricane itself. Basically, the traffic gridlock was so bad that people died. Most of them were related to the brutal heat. It was post-apocalyptic. It’s really not describable. Imagine a traffic event so bad that you’d rather go ahead and abandon your car because you ran out of gas and you’re fearful for your own survival. I evacuated about 2 days before the true gridlock started happening, and it still took me about 15 hours to travel the distance from Dallas to Houston, which normally takes 4.5-5 hours. When I drove back to Houston later there were literally hundreds of abandoned cars strewn along the side of the highway.  The most ironic thing was that the hurricane itself wasn’t even that bad in comparison to the disaster of the evacuation.