Two years ago, what it normally took two hours, ended up in six hours of hell. I spent most weekends in a little town close to the city of Bogota, Colombia, left at the usual hour and was pretty normal until i got close to the city, asked Waze for a rute, got rerouted through a not so safe part of the city, no big deal I thought, it was still early. Turns out that that day the city got the heaviest rainfall in a decade, didn’t check the news so I was completely unaware of the fact that every entrance was blocked.

I ended up in the middle of a gridlock inside the city where i couldn’t go back, get off the car without getting totally wet, reroute without ending in a unknown neighborhood possibly getting robbed, or even buy something to eat, we only had a couple of cold arepas.

To make matters worse, I was low on gas and had the suspicion that the battery was close to a change, so immediately after moving a few meters every half hour, turned off the car, no radio, no A/C and and no defogger, and waited for the next opportunity to move.

Doesn’t help the fact that colombian drivers especially taxi and bus drivers, are super aggressive, so everyone was desperate using the sidewalks and every cm to get ahead, there were several hits between cars. At the time I had a Renault Sandero with no scratches so I was terrified.

After less than a 100 meters and about three hours in, the traffic started flowing (everything looked like a river so flowing sounds right), between narrow streets and hidden by the water potholes, found a gas station where I filled the tank, and continued through patches of water and traffic.

Had planned to arrive at 7 pm, arrived at my house at midnight, dizzy from hours of car fumes, exhausted.