Atlanta Snow Jam 2014

I remember it well. January 28th, 2014. I was working at the office that day. Our bosses didn’t let us leave until the snow was already falling and the temps already dropping. It was around 2 PM or so when I got it the car.

Spent the 1st 6 hours creeping and crawling and sliding my way towards I-285. Spent another hour inching forward until finally traffic just stopped. Temp outside was a balmy 4 degrees and the roads were solid ice. Luckily I was prepared and had a full tank of gas, food, water and blankets. I slept in small increments as I could. Pissed in empty water bottles. Fun times.

At daylight traffic slowly started to move again. I pulled up to my driveway at 1 PM. Basically it took me 23 hours to get home. Normally doesn’t take me more than 45 minutes. So very lucky to not have crashed our skidded out, as I saw countless others who had. It was also nice to see people coming out of their homes and such to bring food, water and supplies to people stuck on the highway.