Several years ago heading back home in Orange County from a visit to San Francisco, driving through the San Joaquin Valley on the 5, in the summer, ugh. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was early evening and hot. I was doing my usual thing, keeping right to let the idiots speed by, moving to the fast lane to pass slower trucks, and then getting back over again. Traffic started getting really slow and soon we were all stopped. After a few minutes I got out to try to look around the truck in front of me and as far as I could see ahead, everyone was stopped. I asked the driver of the truck if he knew what happened and he said it was a bad wreck, freeway blocked for lifeflight, and the center median was on fire. Went back to the Jeep and let the dogs out and grabbed some gatorade from the cooler. Called the dogs back to put them on leash since motorcycles were cutting lanes and some drivers started using the shoulder to pass the stopped cars. Then I noticed someone staring at me about 3 cars back... WTF? I wasn’t the only one out of my vehicle by then so why is this guy staring me down. So I kind of raised my bottle to him and took a big drink and he nodded. I guess he was thirsty so I brought him a bottle of gatorade and water. He said ‘no money’ when I got to his car and I said these are free. He had a wife and child in the back seat, so I went back and was about to get 2 more bottles but decided just to pull the whole cooler out and pull it behind me (has an extendable handle and wheels). I went up and down the lanes offering water to everyone until I only had 3 left (one for me and each dog). Put the cooler away and driver of the trunk in front of me hopped down and said the fire was out, road was open and traffic was moving. Strapped the dogs down, started up and traffic started moving again. We had been stopped for about an hour. The rest of the drive was really easy, wasn’t even any traffic at the Grapevine. I like to think that was karma for me giving everyone water.